What will happen in a session?

A typical session with me starts with a thorough history of what is troubling you, including illnesses and injuries.

We then discuss what brought you here to see me and what you would like to achieve and then identify the priority that is to be worked on in this session.

You may have several issues that you would like to work on. One of these will be a priority that needs to be addressed first. This will be in alignment with the outcome you desire from this session. Invariable it will be connected to the other issues that you have come here to address. Determining the priority issue will allow the other issues to be worked on far more effectively.

Getting Started

Sessions are conducted with the client on a treatment table. The treatments are non invasive. You will remain fully clothed and your comfort is a priority during the session.

If you have not had kinesiology before I will explain the basic concepts of how the session runs. Information is gathered from you using the bio feedback mechanism of muscle monitoring. By testing muscles in exact sequence, it is possible to determine the blocks to the energy flow and the healing process.

What To Expect

One of the extraordinary connections that we uncover in my sessions is the connection between emotional stress and physical pain. We work together to uncover this stress so that you can be free of it. When this phenomenon occurs your body will allow you to rest and sleep. Clients report they feel very drowsy, relaxed and quite often have gone home and slept for hours and hours. 

It is tremendously freeing and edifying experience to come out of this stressed, alarm state, especially when you do not realize you are in it. This allows your old injuries to heal, your emotions to settle and your mind to focus once more.

In my sessions we identify the hidden triggers that are recreating the pain and upsets for you. These can be buried deep in the parts of the nervous system and energetic systems that deal with survival emotions and behaviour. As these triggers are hidden and involuntary reactions, they often block healing, understanding and choice.

Kinesiology uses a bio-feedback concept known as muscle monitoring. By testing muscles, in certain sequences, it is possible to determine where the blocks to healing are as well as the dysfunction in the actual muscles, joints, tissue

Example Session

A session might run like this..

  • Explore the subconscious triggers so that the problem does not keep recurring.

  • Explore the emotional stress/anxiety caused by the problem.

  • Balance the body’s energetic systems to promote healing.

  • Balance the nervous system to realign the body and switch off adrenal response.

  • Balance the bio-chemical aspect to ensure you have sufficient nutrition to regain full health.  

Martin_Carson_Kinesiology footjpg

It’s time to get back in control of your life! 

If you are fed up living with pain or trauma (physical or emotional) then contact me now to book your Kinesiology session. Get your energy back. Feel focused and grounded and start embracing life again.

Clinic Hours

Monday Friday | 9.00am - 5.00pm 

Saturday | By Appointment  

Early evening | By Appointment  

Sunday | Closed

My clinic is located in Elwood. There is ample free street parking. It is close to Acland St (St. Kilda) trams and Barkly Street buses.

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