How I Work

I help my clients to:

Heal from injuries, old and present so they can get back to activities, job and pastimes again. 

Feel energised and restored so they can sleep better, wake rested and meet the day with enthusiasm.

Recognise the cause of their anxiety and gain relief, so that they can confront those situations, people and places in peace.

Gain focus, concentration and be able to absorb new information so that they no longer feel agitated or stressed in new situations and no longer need to shy away from learning something new.


How I am different… what’s unique about me? 

I go beyond addressing just the pain, but look at why it started in the first place and what is causing it to reoccur. Quite often, the subconscious, non thinking part of you does not realise that the original incident has past. So it just keeps reacting at the most inopportune times, recreating the problem for you. Whether it is physical, mental, emotional, or biochemical (e.g. allergies).I treat the whole person not the symptom. This means that your confidence levels will soar leaving you empowered to undertake endeavours that you have previously been too scared to do. 

The way I work...

I work closely with my clients to produce profound shifts in pain and stress. I help my clients develop awareness of why they are in this state and why it seems to be reoccurring. What you previously reacted to often now shifts to just a memory rather than a reaction that was controlling you. Not only do clients come away with relief but also an understanding of how to make changes in their lives to ensure the problem does not return. 

As an analogy....

Think about the way an entire cobweb distorts when you poke your finger into it. The web distorts to compensate for the intrusion, by putting itself in a position so that it does not break and can continue to function. Humans are no different. Under stress or threat of stress we compensate by adapting a body position or behaviour so that we can temporarily cope with the incident. Ideally, we should reset back to normal after the incident has past. Under constant the pressure of 21st Century, we often do not reset, thus remaining in a compensated state. This can only last for so long before we run out of energy and things start to break. Hormones become depleted, joints start to ache, behaviour becomes agitated.


Now you know more about me and how I work have a look at my services page to learn about the specific services I have to offer.