Who I Work With

I work with people who feel that stress or a traumatic experience - recent or long past - is preventing them from doing what they want. The clients who get the best results with me want relief and realise that it will take more than one session to resolve. They are determined to do what it takes.

They are ready to get to the bottom of the issue and resolve it, rather than letting it linger on and control their actions. Old traumas and stresses can leave residual effects. You may recognise yourself in some of these situations:

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You have an old injury

You know things haven’t been right since that head injury that you may have received through an accident or playing sport.

It may even have been many years ago but since then you have had that ache in your back or shoulders or you wake up with that crick in your neck that lasts for days or you have confusion or headaches which come and go....

Depending on the severity of the accident this kind of experience can take anything from 2-4 sessions over 6 weeks to 8 - 10 sessions over several months to fully resolve the issues. 

For example a Prolapsed Disk - this painful condition is often thought impossible to resolve by many medical professionals however in my experience my patients see a huge change in pain levels within 4 sessions. 

You are stressed

You are having difficulty dealing with situations at work or home and are constantly finding yourself on edge, snapping at people or things (like kicking the coffee table!)

Then, after the incident has passed, you wonder why you acted that way. This is a common experience of an unresolved, past event being repressed. Finding the source can resolve this within only a few sessions. 

You are feeling confused

You are feeling confused or foggy headed, anxious and generally out of sorts. You are feeling stuck, as if you can’t move on and make progress and have difficulty in learning and maintaining attention.

Again, a common experience post- trauma (sometimes this can stem from childhood). In this case we look at where the difficulties lie and address each in order.

As everyone’s situation is different, some people will be able to resolve this difficulty with within several sessions. And some may take longer.

You are rundown

You may be finding yourself getting run down, sick, or feeling worn out and weary and just don’t want to do anything anymore.

This can be caused by a multitude of situations, at times this might require some changes in diet or lifestyle as well as treatment.

In this instance I like to see clients weekly for a few weeks graduating to fortnightly then monthly to stabilise their energy as we go. I usually find this happens within 6 - 8 months.

You are experiencing a recurring illness

Maybe there is nothing recent that you can think of that has occurred, but you’re finding that old stuff is being churned up and is causing you distress.

You may find yourself asking, “Why is this happening again? I thought I had dealt with this”

How I Work

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