It's All In Your Head?

Hello and welcome to my Blog. Today’s blog is about how our automatic, subconscious habits can have a huge affect on our health, physically, emotionally and chemically. And how we are barely aware that it’s even happening.

Have you ever heard the expression “It’s all in your head?” 

I’ve got a bad back, I have an allergy, I am tired, I keep getting ill……etc…..

The Doctor cannot find anything specifically wrong. It must be in your head..

 Often, this statement gets dismissed off handed. Well, when you think about it, if it were all in my head, then all I have to do is think the problem away. Easy, makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

 According to Dr Joe Dispenza, by the time we are 35, over 90% of who we are, how we think, how we feel and how we act/react is a completely automatic process controlled by our subconscious.

So, pretty much most of the time, we are running on “Auto Mode” and are therefore not consciously aware of what we are doing.

If this is true, then our bodies and minds have an automatic way of reacting and behaving to all of the various stresses and stimuli that we are constantly bombarded with.

  On this basis, the expression, “It’s all in your head”, is actually true. Not only that, but for the most part we have no conscious awareness that these reactions are even taking place. Stuff just keeps happening that you seem to have no control over. I’m ill, I’m unhappy but I don’t know why. I have a back ache.

 It’s all in you head is not referring to your conscious rational thought. It is referring to the involuntary subconscious process that runs you, as a person. How you act/react. How you think. How you feel.

 In the same way that you are not aware of your blood chemistry or the way your eye muscles are constantly changing tone to focus. These processes are automatic and we have little conscious awareness of them. Neither can we, at will, consciously control or alter them.

 It’s well known that prolonged stress causes illness.  Stress is meant as a short term response to help you cope with an immediate situation.

At its simplest and primitive level, your response to stress is to take physical action. i.e. run away from the thing that is stressing you or fight it.

However in the 21st century, where we are constantly drip fed (or in some cases bombarded with) stressful stimuli, the primitive response (fight it or run away) is not always possible. And so the stress response stays with you.

 What does this mean? The emotional survival centres of  the brain signal the endocrine system to release stress hormones. Adrenaline, cortisol etc… It instructs other parts of the brain to alter the muscle tone of your whole body read for fighting or running. You stop thinking rationally and become short tempered and agitated.

  If you stay in the stressed state so does your body. It cannot maintain this altered chemical, physical and emotional state for long. Soon you become adrenaly exhausted and your muscles begin to ache. Especially the postural muscles in the neck and lower back.

 This response is completely involuntary, you have no awareness that is happening. You just hurt and you are tired all the time.

 So yes, it is in your head!

 The basic principle of my work is, “Treat the whole person not the symptom”

 By addressing the subconscious emotional reactions, the chemical and physical response, the body comes out of the stress state of fight /flight, the muscle tone returns to normal, the stress hormones return to normal and you start to think clearly.

 Now you have the energy, awareness to start healing.

 Quite often after an appointment, client’s report feelings of release and sleepiness. This is your body coming out of the emotional stress state and returning to normal. As stress hormones have reset and the muscle tone has reset it is now safe to rest and recover.

 Remember if you are in a stressed state, this your primitive survival systems’ way of telling you, “It is not safe to sleep. You must remain constantly alert for possible threats”.

 When you are in stress response, you are in survival. You cannot heal if you are in survival. Your energy is being used to maintain a hyper vigilant state. It is not being used for healing. You must come out of this state in order to heal.

Unresolved trauma, fear, resentment, pain keep you in a state of survival.

 By applying the concept of treating the whole person, physically, emotionally and biochemically, Kinesiology can help uncover and release the unresolved issues preventing you from healing.

 My name is Martin Carson. I am a Professional Kinesiologist with more than 10 years experience. I am passionate about helping people recover from unresolved issues.

  If you are concerned about ongoing effects of old traumas or unresolved upsets, then please contact me for more information.